About Me

When I was a young lad I had a Camcorder that took video cassettes. The content I was producing at the time ranged from filming burning things, scrap yard cranes and boats going out to sea. There was no real art to it, and realising that no one would want to watch these bizarre videos. I decided to go to university and pursue a career in construction. After having a successful career in the construction industry building a state of the art hospital in Brighton with my bare hands and working for the Ministry of Defence as a project manager. I hated it with a passion and one day I was like “No, this is not the life for me” and I cursed the heavens “WHHHHHYYYY”, then I pulled up my big boy pants, quit my job, bought a camera and moved to London. I have not looked back since.¬†Five years on from that decision, I have been lucky to work on some amazing projects, and admittedly filmed some bizarre content.

I shot my first feature film ‘Hilda’ in 2017 that is due to be released in 2019. I am in pre-production on my second feature film called ‘Purple’.

Hilda getting through_024
Hilda getting through_064
hilda me with camera041